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Don`t Forget St. George

[An image showing Don`t Forget St. George]St. George`s Day is approaching. It is a sad fact that only a small percentage of English people know that St. George`s Day, commemorating our country`s patron saint, is on 23rd April.

Those who live in the Leicester area can go on my annual public Guided Walk entitled "St. George and the Dragons", which takes place on the day itself, Thursday 23rd April, starting outside the Town Hall at 7pm.

It is largely a hunt for mythical beasts around Leicester City Centre. The beasts concerned are technically wyverns, but to the untutored eye they look like dragons. There are a great many of them around Leicester. You may not have noticed them before, but once you become aware of them you will keep seeing them.

The walk also encompasses a number of connections with St. George himself, and how his day has been celebrated over the years.

Groups might also like to get involved with their own commemorations, if they have not already made arrangements.

I am happy to lead a private "St. George and the Dragons" walk for groups, on a date close to the actual day.

And I also have a fascinating talk available, entitled "St. George of England".

Do feel free to get in touch if you would like to arrange either the walk or the talk.