Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Day Trip to the Isle of Wight

I went as a passenger recently on a trip run by Woods Coaches of Leicester to the Isle of Wight.

Woods are the splendid company from whom I hire coaches for my own excursions.

Leaving St. Margarets Bus Station early in the morning, we headed Southwards and made a coffee stop at Chieveley Services, before pushing on to Southampton.

Once there, the coach was driven onto the car ferry, and we had a leisurely cruise down Southampton Water and across the Solent to East Cowes, where we disembarked.

We had a pleasant stop at Alum Bay, famous for its multi-coloured sands, and managed to view The Needles from the cliff top.

After that, we drove round to the Eastern side of the island and had an even nicer stop at the beautiful Botanic Gardens at Ventnor.

Once we had got back to East Cowes, the return journey was the same, except that we made a brief comfort stop at Northampton (formerly Rothersthorpe) Services.

It was a very nice day at the very end of Summer.