Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Day Trip to Skipton

I had a good day recently, as a passenger on one of the excursions run by Woods Coaches of Leicester.

This time, it was to the attractive Yorkshire market town of Skipton.

People often ask me why, since I run my own Coach Trips, I should sometimes go on other people's trips as a passenger.

The fact is simply that I enjoy going to nice places, and on these occasions I can just relax without worrying about any of the organisation.

On this occasion, having left St. Margarets Bus Station, we travelled up the motorway until we came to Woolley Edge Services, where we made a comfort stop, and I was able to stoke up with a good breakfast.

At Skipton, I had a coffee and teacake at the excellent Coffee Mill tea shop, before giving myself a refresher course on the town.

I didn't visit Skipton Castle on this occasion, but did have another look round Holy Trinity Church, followed by a visit to the small but well organised Craven Museum.

After having a look at the Canal Basin and the market, I had a stroll along beside the beck and canal behind the castle, before finishing off with a coffee at another fine tea shop, Coffee and Cream.

On the way back to Leicester, we stopped at Tibshelf Services.

It was another good day.