Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Day Out By Coach in Suffolk

I went on a most enjoyable Coach Trip as a passenger recently. This time it was a Suffolk Villages Tour.

It was one of the trips organised by Woods Coaches of Leicester. This is the company from whom I hire coaches for my own excursions. I am happy to go out with this company sometimes, even though it might be thought of as a busman`s holiday.

After leaving St. Margarets Bus Station, we made our way South Eastwards and made a coffee stop at Cambridge Services.

Then it was on into Suffolk. Suffolk and Essex are absolutely delightful counties, and the real Old England that you knew must still exist somewhere.

We made a brief stop on the famous Village Green at Cavendish, and then a slightly longer one at Long Melford.

Then on we went to Lavenham, one of the outstanding towns of England. I had a coffee at one of my favourite tea shops, the timber framed Tickled Pink, formerly known as Tickle Manor.

The next stop was at Dedham, the small Essex town where John Constable went to school. I had a coffee and scone at an even better tea shop, the Essex Rose, and also visited the Marlborough Head.

We stopped at Cambridge Services again on the way home.

Yes, it was an excellent day.