Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Coach Trip into Lincolnshire

I went recently as a passenger on one of the excursions run by Woods Coaches of Leicester, the splendid company from whom I hire coaches for my own trips.

This time it was to two destinations in Lincolnshire.

After leaving Leicester, we made our way along the motorway to Tibshelf Services, where I was able to stoke up with a good breakfast.

The first of our two stops was to Louth, a very pleasant market town. As well as looking round the town and finding a nice teashop, I visited the outstanding parish church.

Then it was on to Cleethorpes, where I was able to walk along the seafront and breathe in some sea air.

Even though it is seen by many people who know me as a busman`s holiday, I thoroughly enjoy being a passenger on somebody else`s trips!