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Church Group Hears about Leicestershire Folklore

[An image showing Church Group Hears about Leicestershire Folklore]I gave a talk recently to a group based at Christ the King, a modern church on the Beaumont Leys estate at Leicester.

The talk was "Leicestershire Legends and Traditions", a collection of fascinating stories and folktales based in around Leicestershire.

The audience heard about the little known St. Wistan, the Mercian prince assassinated at Wistow; St. Morrell, the French Bishop who fled to Hallaton and became a gardener; and lots of other tales.

Never to be forgotten is the story, unique to Leicester, of the terrifying Black Annis, who loved children in a particularly gruesome way.

In a similar vein, I lead a Guided Walk around Old Leicester with the title "Black Annis and Friends".

If you would like me to come and give a talk to your group, or indeed lead a private walk, do feel free to get in touch.