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Christ in the Centre

[An image showing Christ in the Centre]I went recently to the annual event in Leicester entitled Christ in the Centre, which takes place on Good Friday.

This has been running for several years now, and although this year it was scaled down because of the financial restraints with which everybody is familiar by now, it is still the largest open air Good Friday event in the country.

It started this year in St. Peter`s Square in the amazing new Highcross shopping and retail development, with an address by Tim Stevens, the Bishop of Leicester, and some re-enactments of scenes from the lives of some admirable Christian people.

Then, as always, the crowd followed the actors re-enacting the last hours of the life of Jesus, leading up to the Crucifixion in Humberstone Gate, followed by the joy of Resurrection.

As always, it was watched with amazement by the passers by to whom it was hugely unexpected, and as always was a very moving event.