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Cardboard Replica of Leicester

I went to an extraordinary exhibition recently, which featured an amazing cardboard replica of Leicester City Centre.

The exhibition was housed in a former pub building in Belvoir Street, and was put together by DOT, a group of young Leicester artists.

I had been invited by Ed Orton, who had been on Guided Walks with me in the City Centre and had thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

It was an extraordinary collection of cardboard on which, street by street, the City Centre’s outstanding buildings had been drawn.

The cardboard exhibition took up nearly two thousand square feet and involved twenty artists.

I enquired about the significance of the name DOT, and was told that they got the idea from the little red dot that is traditionally put on a painting in an exhibition when it is sold.

The whole thing was part of the arts festival known as “Sideshow”, and was most interesting and enjoyable.