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British Travel Trade Fair

I went to the British Travel Trade Fair recently.

This is one of the biggest trade shows for the tourist trade, and is held annually at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) at Birmingham.

As I live in Leicester, it is clearly more convenient for me to go to Birmingham than to London. And being in the centre of the country, it is obviously reasonably easy for anybody in England and Wales to get there. The trouble is, lots of people in London don’t see why anything should ever be held more than a few miles away from the capital!

It’s a good show, and like the others gives the opportunity to chat to people from towns and cities, hotels, tourist attractions etc.

Just from memory, it was nice to talk to people from Colchester, the National Forest (mostly in Leicestershire, but partly in Derbyshire and Staffordshire), the North East and the Attractions of Snowdonia at Llanberis.