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Adventures of the Bearded Cinema Manager

The U3A at Market Harborough recently invited me to give a talk to their thriving group, and of course I was pleased to do so.

Their meetings are held at the Congregational Centre, behind the Congregational Church in the town`s splendid High Street.

The talk that they asked me to give was "The Adventures of the Bearded Cinema Manager", which always goes down well with people who, like me, have reached a certain age.

It is an account of my early days in the cinema business, which I entered as a Trainee Manager in 1963, ten days short of my 21st birthday, while I was still living in my home town of Southend.

It turned out to be a long and successful career, with a good deal of glamour, but mostly hard work, long hours and unusual ideas!

If you would like me to give this talk to your group, please feel free to get in touch.