Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

A Visit to Shrewsbury

People are sometimes surprised when they see me as a passenger on a Coach Trip, knowing that I run an extensive programme of these trips throughout the year.

The truth is that I enjoy sitting back and relaxing while somebody else makes the decisions, sorts out the problems and takes me to somewhere nice!

I recently went on a trip to Shrewsbury with the Paul Winson company of Loughborough.

I boarded the coach in Abbey Lane, near where I live in Leicester, and on the way we stopped at Tamworth Services.

Shrewsbury is one of my favourite towns, and it was lovely to be able to stroll around it again, and visit some of the fine churches. I was also able to remind myself of the route for my Guided Walk as part of my own Shrewsbury Coach Trip.

I had a coffee at a nice tea shop called The Ploughboy, and then later on visited an even nicer one called Cloisters, where I partook of an excellent cream tea, complete with real strawberries.

On the way back to Leicester, we stopped again at Tamworth Services.

And yes, I had a nice day.