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A Stroll Around Desford

The recent Festival of Leicestershire and Rutland Archaeology included a good number of events, some of which I took advantage of when I was free from other commitments.

One such was a Guided Walk around Desford. This was led by a local man, Brian Ward.

I was a little surprised to find that the starting point was the Tropical Bird Garden, outside the village and down a fairly steep hill, which of course necessitated everybody walking up that hill before really starting. But then I realised that there is a sizeable car park there, and it must have been assumed that everybody would arrive by car.

We had an interesting walk around the village, including visits to the village hall (the former miners` welfare hall), St. Martin`s Church and the Baptist chapel, where we were addressed by the enthusiastic minister.

Afterwards, before catching the bus back to Leicester, I went to the church hall for a splendid raspberry cream tea. This had not been mentioned during the walk, but I had noted the posters around the village. I sat there happily chatting with the churchwarden and his wife (and their dog).