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A Precious Weekend Away

Anne (my wife) and I were recently able to find time to have a weekend together.

That might not sound too amazing, but we are both very busy – Anne with the Church (especially St. Peters Church, Belgrave), Embroiderers Guild and teaching, and you’ve probably got an idea of the sort of things that keep me busy.

We chose a two-day break with National Holidays to Skipton in Yorkshire – I had been on one of their breaks to Llandudno a couple of years ago with my son Kevin.

Yes, we had a nice weekend. Not, to be honest, because of the coach or the driver, but because we went to some nice places and were able to do a bit of relaxing.

We spent the afternoon in Skipton. This is a busy market town which I had used as a stop on one of my own tours last year. We had lunch at the Coffee Mill, with polite and friendly service. We looked round the parish church and round the impressive street market.

But the highlight of the afternoon was visiting Skipton Castle. Not only is it very interesting, but the management have produced an excellent leaflet which guides visitors round the castle in a novel and easily understandable way. Highly recommended!

Then we were taken to Oldham. We had both assumed that we would be staying in a hotel at Skipton, but this was not so. Anyway, we stayed overnight at the Pennine Way Hotel, in which we were perfectly comfortable.

In the morning we were taken to Hebden Bridge, where we had a couple of hours on a narrow boat on the canal. From there we went to Haworth – another town which I had used as a stop on one of my tours. Haworth is another interesting place, famous for being the home of the Bronte sisters.

Goodness knows when we’ll be able to have another break, but it was good to have this one.