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A Few Seats Left on Free Mystery Tour

[An image showing A Few Seats Left on Free Mystery Tour]There are a few seats left on my annual Free Mystery Tour, which takes place next Wednesday 23rd February.

This year, there is a deposit of 5. I have instituted this because every year, despite the fact that there is normally a waiting list of others wanting to take part, quite a few who have booked have not turned up. They haven`t paid, you see.

However, this year it`s even better than free!

The 5 is not refundable in the event of not attending. However, on the day, the 5 paid will be turned into a voucher for 10 towards another Coach Trip of the person`s choice.

The coach leaves St. Margarets Bus Station in Leicester at 9.30am on Wednesday 23rd February, and is due to return about 2pm.

I will be giving a commentary as usual, and there will be a stop halfway round, where one can buy tea, coffee, cakes etc.

If you would like to take part, ring me on 0116 2611576.