Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

A Day in the Wye Valley

I had the pleasure of being a passenger on another Coach Trip run by Woods Coaches of Leicester recently.

This time it was a tour of the lovely Wye Valley. As I have said before, although I run my own trips I still find it enjoyable to go on excursions run by somebody else.

Having left St. Margarets Bus Station, we moved Westwards and stopped at Strensham Services, where I was able to get a good breakfast.

Then it was Southwards and across the River Severn Bridge to Chepstow, where we made a stop. I partook of a cup of coffee and a teacake at Coffee No 1 in the town centre, and had a walk around Chepstow Castle, which overlooks the River Wye.

We picked up a local guide at Chepstow, and moved back Northwards close to the river, making a brief photo stop at Tintern Abbey.

A little later, we had another stop, this time at Monmouth, where I was able to walk over its famous bridge and visit the splendid old church of St. Thomas Overmonnow.

Our guide left us at Ross-on-Wye, another very pleasant town. I had another cup of coffee here, at a very nice teashop called Pots and Pieces.

Then it was Hopwood Park Services for a brief stop, and back to Leicester.

Yes, it was another very nice day.