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Chepstow Castle (Chepstow)

Chepstow Castle is a major Norman castle, situated at Chepstow in South Wales.

It has an unusual position. One would have expected it to be on top of the hill, where it would have commanded a wide area, but instead it is down by the river, at the bottom of Chepstow's main street.

The castle was first built shortly after the Norman Conquest by William FizOsbern, the Earl of Hereford. The great keep of this castle still stands, and is one of the most impressive Norman keeps anywhere.

Over the next two centuries,. Chepstow Castle changed hands a number of times. Its owners included the great general William Marshal, erl of Pembroke, the Bigods from Norfolk, and the Despencers.

During the Civil War, Chepstow was held on behalf of Charles I, but was successfully besieged in 1645.

Unusually, the castle was not slighted after this, and was used as a prison for Jeremy Taylor, the King's chaplain, who had been Rector at Uppingham.

The castle remained in private ownership until 1953.

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