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Bootham Bar (York)

Bootham Bar is one of the gates in the City Walls in the very historic cathedral city of York.

It lies between High Petergate, inside the walls, and Bootham, on the outside.

It is one of the city's four remaining gates, the others being Micklegate Bar, Monk Bar and Walmgate Bar. It is the nearest of the gates to York Minster.

Each of the gates originally had barbicans, but only the one at Walmgate survives.

Beneath the present Bootham Bar lies the Porta Principalis Dextra, the original Roman gateway.

Bootham Bar was refaced in 1719 and once again in 1832, but still retains its original archway from the Norman period.

Unbelievably, there were moves in the 19th century to demolish Bootham Bar, as it was seen to be a nuisance to traffic. Happily, good sense prevailed.

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