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St. Wistans Church (Wigston Magna)

St. Wistan's is one of the two mediaeval churches of Wigston Magna, to the South of Leicester.

The tower dates from the 13th century.

St. Wistan's was one of the two churches, the other being All Saints Church, that led to the town being known throughout the Middle Ages as Wigston Two Steeples.

The church became quite ruinous through lack of use, and in the 17th century was partly demolished, with cottages being built amongst the ruins.

A little later, the Congregationalists, then known as the Independents, were allowed to use the church for worship, until their splendid chapel was built in Long Street.

St. Wistan's was rebuilt in 1853.

For many years it was known as St. Wulfstan's, but it was proved that the original dedication was to St. Wistan, the Mercian prince who was assassinated at Wistow.

Wistan's body rested here on its way to Repton, and it was later moved to, and venerated at, Evesham.

The church is only used occasionally today.

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