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Heards of Wigston (Wigston Magna)

Heards of Wigston is a popular local shop in Wigston Magna, a small town to the South of Leicester.

It is situated at the junction of Long Street and Bell Street in the centre of the town.

Directly opposite is the County Record Office, much used by those researching their family history, in which interest has burgeoned over the last few years. This is housed in a former school, and has exhibitions on local heritage themes.

Heards of Wigston are a family company, unusual in a busy "High Street" situation. They sell pies and meat products, as well as the items you would normally expect from a quality delicatessen

They also have a shop at Westcotes in Leicester, in a parade along the Hinckley Road.

The wide pavement outside the Wigston shop is used as the meeting point for Colin Crosby Guided Walks in Wigston Magna.

Heards of Wigston (Wigston Magna) is the starting point for...

Hallowe`en at Wigston Magna, Wigston Magna

Where is Heards of Wigston?

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