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St. Editha`s Church (Tamworth)

The Collegiate Church of St. Editha is the parish church of the old town of Tamworth in Staffordshire.

It is a large church with a fine sturdy tower built around 1400, and dominates the town centre.

In the South West angle of the tower is a feature that is unique in any church. It is a double spiral staircase, with the floor of one stairway being the roof of the other, and with two separate entrances, one inside the church and one outside.

The wrought iron screen separating the nave from the chancel was made about 1750.

Stained glass windows are by Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris and Ford Maddox Brown.

Another window commemorates Rev, Maurice Berkeley Peel, B.A., M.C. He was killed during the First World War, while tending to the wounded in France in 1917.

There is a vaulted crypt dating from about 1250, which was converted into a refectory in 1977.

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