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Lighthouse (Southwold)

The Lighthouse is the best known building in the attractive little seaside town of Southwold in Suffolk.

In terms of its appearance in tourist photographs, postcards etc, it is probably one of the best known lighthouses in the country.

Together with St. Edmunds Church and the Water Tower, it is one of the visual landmarks that are seen when approaching Southwold along the long road from Blythburgh.

The Lighthouse stands in the streets of the little town, surrounded by houses, and near the famous Adnams Brewery.

Painted white, the Lighthouse was built in 1890, and rises to an an impressive height of 100 feet. It is already high up, as the town stands on top of the cliffs.

Its light could be seen by shipping from as far away on the North Sea as 17 miles.

The Lighthouse is not open to the public, except on special occasions.

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