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St. Edmunds Church (Southwold)

St. Edmund's is the parish church of the delightful Suffolk seaside town of Southwold.

The church is one of the landmarks of the town, and stands amid grassy areas with Ansell's Brewery for company.

It has a mighty tower, constructed of flint, and an impressive porch.

Above the porch is a statue of St. Edmund, the martyr King of East Anglia, whose body was laid to rest at the mighty abbey at Bury St. Edmunds.

There is a wonderful collection of angels, painted in brilliant colours, and excellent choir stalls.

The font cover, created by F. E. Howard in the 1920s, is 24 feet high, and is the highest of any English parish church.

Probably the best known of the treasures of St. Edmund's is Southwold Jack, created in the Middle Ages to smite the clock on the hour. He is dressed in 15th century costume.

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