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Skipton Castle (Skipton)

Skipton Castle is a fine castle in the pleasant North Yorkshire town of Skipton.

It stands at the top of the busy High Street, behind Holy Trinity Church.

A timber castle was erected here shortly after the Norman Conquest, but this was soon replaced in stone by Robert de Romille around 1080.

The castle passed in 1310 to Robert Clifford, and it remained in this family`s hands for centuries. Robert built the four drum towers and the superb gatehouse.

Lord Henry Clifford commanded the English in their rout of the Scots at Flodden in 1513.

During the Civil War Skipon Castle was held for Charles I and held out while being besieged for three years, before finally surrendering in 1645. It was slighted soon afterwards but excellently restored by the redoubtable Lady Anne Clifford.

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