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Powderham Castle (Powderham)

Powderham Castle is a splendid castle at Powderham in South Devon, beside the estuary of the River Exe.

The main entrance to the castle is in the village of Kenton.

It was originally built in 1391 by Sir Philip Courtenay, and has remained the seat of the same family, Earls of Devon, ever since.

There were considerable additions in the 18th century, and the castle is splendidly furnished and decorated, with its own small chapel. The Victorian kitchen gives an insight into domestic life.

The castle is set in a tranquil deer park, and although the river is not far away, until the 18th century it washed right up against the walls.

There is a lovely Rose Garden terrace and a Woodland Garden. The Victorian kitchen garden is now a children`s play area inhabited by friendly animals.

Lord Halifax, who would have been Prime Minister instead of Churchill if George VI had had his way, was born here, and Timothy Tortoise, Britain`s oldest resident, lived at the castle until his death in 2004. He is believed to have been born in 1844.

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