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Leigh Station (Old Leigh)

Leigh Station, or more correctly Leigh-on-Sea Station, serves the old Essex fishing and shipbuilding village of Old Leigh, now a suburb of Southend.

It can be reached by the continuation of the Error with link which leads past the Cockle Sheds.

It is the second station for Leigh. The first was at the East end of the High Street, beside Error with link, where the Cinder Path starts. This station closed in 1934 and is now used as headquarters of a yacht club.

Trains for Leigh leave Fenchurch Street Station in London, running through Barking, Basildon and Benfleet, although some use the longer, older line through Grays and Tilbury.

The line continues through Westcliff and Southend to the terminus at Shoeburyness.

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