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Shoeburyness is a town in Essex, which is now a part of Southend.

Its position on the headland where the estuary of the River Thames becomes the North Sea accounts for the suffix "ness".

From the mid 19th century, it developed as a garrison town, after the arrival of the Royal Artillery. Their land has now been developed for housing.

There had been two villages in the vicinity for centuries, North Shoebury and South Shoebury, both of which retain mediaeval churches. An incumbent at the latter was Arthur Dent, who wrote "The Plain Man's Pathway to Heaven", an important influence on John Bunyan.

There was a Danish camp at Shoebury, constructed by Hasten, whose forces were defeated at the Battle of Benfleet in 894.

From Landwick, there was a path across the sands to Foulness Island known as the Broomway. Foulness, a huge island, is a prohibited area under the control of the Ministry of Defence, and is one of the world's major breeding centres for Brent geese and other birds.

Shoebury East Beach is popular with local people.

Tony Holland, co-creator of the TV soap "Eastenders" was born at Shoeburyness.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Shoeburyness for groups.

Places in Shoeburyness

Shoeburyness Station, St. Andrew`s Church

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