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St. Laurences Church (Ludlow)

St. Laurence's is the outstanding parish church of the lovely Shropshire market town of Ludlow.

Most of today's church was rebuilt in the 15th century by the Palmers' Guild, membership of which was open to those who had made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

The tower rises to 135 feet, and its hilltop position means that, along wih Ludlow Castle, it is a focal point in distant views of the town.

However, close to the church is almost invisible, as the narrow streets, largely market infill, obscure it from view until one is upon it.

The really unusual feature of St. Laurence's is its hexagonal porch. This is not quite unique, as it is also a feature at Chipping Norton and St. Mary Redcliffe at Bristol.

Among the outstanding possessions of the church are a fine collection of stained glass windows, including one depicting the Ludlow Palmers journeying to the Holy Land and being given a ring by St. John the Evangelist to bring back to Edward IV.

There are also some excellent misericords.

In the churchyard are the ashes of A. E. Housman, the poet who composed "A Shropshire Lad".

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