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Ludlow Castle (Ludlow)

Ludlow Castle is a splendid ruin in the charming Shropshire town of Ludlow. It is situated beside the Market Place, and overlooks the confluence of the Rivers Teme and Corve.

It was built in 1086 as part of the Norman defences against the hostile Welsh, and was for many years the seat of the powerful Mortimer family, including Roger Mortimer, involved in the shocking murder of Edward II.

There are extensive remains of the buildings, including a rare circular chapel.

Ludlow Castle was the home of the Princes Edward and Richard, sons of Edward IV. When their father died, the elder brother became Edward V, but they were confined to the Tower of London when their uncle assumed the throne as Richard III. They are popularly known as the Princes in the Tower, and popularly supposed to have been murdered by their uncle.

The castle was also the home of Prince Arthur, eldest son of Henry VII, and his bride Catherine of Aragon. He died before his father, but she became Queen anyway, having married Arthur’s brother, who succeeded to the throne as Henry VIII.

There is a footpath all round the exterior of the castle, giving an idea of how difficult it would have been to attack.

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