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Euston Station (London)

Euston Station is one of the main railway termini of London.

It is situated in Euston Road, which was originally known as the New Road. A number of termini were built here, as this was the closest that lines from the Midlands and North got to the City. Others just along the road are St. Pancras Station and Kings Cross Station.

The station was opened in 1837, as the terminus of the world's first long distance railway, with its train shed designed by Robert Stephenson.

In 1962 - 66, this was all cast aside and a new building constructed by R. L. Moorcroft. Even the mighty Doric Arch, by Philip Hardwick, was demolished. The Great Hall, also by Hardwick, had been designed as a double cube and had been redecorated by Edwin Lutyens.

John Betjeman led a campaign to save the old station, but to no avail.

Among the important places served by trains from Euston are Northampton, Rugby, Coventry, Birmingham, Lichfield, Stoke-on-Trent, Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster, Carlisle and Glasgow.

Euston Underground station is used by trains on the Northern Line and the Piccadilly Line.

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