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St. Michael`s Church (Linlithgow)

St. Michael`s Church is a historic church at Linlithgow, in Scotland.

It is situated adjacent to Linlithgow Palace.

The largest pre-Reformation parish church in Scotland, it was consecrated in 1242, but largely rebuilt after a fire in 1424.

The oldest part of the church is the nave. The tower and choir were added about 1500, and the apse was completed in 1531.

The tall, pinnacled tower had an open stonework crown, provided by James IV. This was taken down in 1821, and replaced by a modern work by Geoffrey Clarke in 1964. It was put in place by helicopter.

The image of St. Michael at the Souith West angle is the only one to have survived the Reformation.

In St. Catherine`s Aisle, a ghost warned James IV that he would die at the Battle of Flodden.

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