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Aylestone Hall (Leicester)

Aylestone Hall is a historic building in the former village of Aylestone, now a suburb of Leicester.

The hall dates back to the early 15th century, but has been considerably extended over the centuries. Although basically a timber framed building with a subdivided Great Hall, it is now covered in plaster.

It features in the romantic story of Dorothy Vernon, daughter of the King of the Peak, and John Manners, who eloped from Haddon Hall near Bakewell. They were married at St. Andrews Church, Aylestone and came to live here.

At the time of the Siege of Leicester, Charles I used Aylestone Hall as his headquarters.

It is set in attractive public gardens known as Aylestone Hall Gardens.

The hall has now been converted into private flats.

On one wall is an extraordinary relief, presumably brought from elsewhere and older than the hall. It is said to represent the moment of birth.

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