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Guildhall (Kings Lynn)

The Guildhall is one of the most important buildings in the historic old Norfolk town of Kings Lynn.

Set in the Saturday Market, opposite the splendid St. Margarets Church, the Guildhall is a complex containing several different buildings.

The oldest part was built in 1421, and was originally the Guildhall of the Holy Trinity. It has a striking chequered facade of flint and stone, and a tall Perdendicular seven-light window.

Beside this is an addition from the Elizabethan period, built of brick and stone and featuring an attractive porch.

The Assembly Rooms and old gaol date from the 18th century, and the Town Hall was added in 1895.

There is, in the Guildhall, a superb collection of civic regalia, which includes the 14th century King John Cup, as well as a 15th century mayoral chain and 16th century Nuremberg Cup.

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