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St. Margarets Church (Kings Lynn)

St. Margarets is the parish church of the splendid old maritime town of Kings Lynn in Norfolk.

Its twin towers are the most noticeable visual feature of the town when seen from afar. They surmount a Norman West Front.

There is no wide churchyard or close. Houses and streets are close by on all sides.

St. Margarets was founded by Bishop Losinga of Norwich, along with the church at Great Yarmouth. He built both as a penance for his pride and corruption in purchasing the See.

The crossing and chancel date from the 13th century, and the arcades have plenty of mediaeval sculpturing, with scolds, demons and Green Men.

A reconstructed Perpendicular rose window is on the wall above Bodleys excellent reredos of 1899, and there are some splendid misericords.

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