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St. Wulfram`s Church (Grantham)

St. Wulfram`s Church is the parish church of the old Lincolnshire market town of Grantham.

Magnificently visible for miles across the fields or from the train, it is one of the outstanding ecclesiastical sights in the land, indeed according to Simon Jenkins "here is the finest steeple in England". It is said that John Ruskin swooned when he first saw it.

The tower dates fom the early 14th century, and its spire tapers delicately towards Heaven, rising to 282 feet.

There are a number of Norman features inside the church from an earlier Norman building that was largely destroyed by fire, having been struck by lightning in 1222.

The aisle windows have a fine selection of Gothic tracery.

Above the North porch is a 16th century chained library, and there is a 14th century crypt.

The North porch now acts as a bookshop.

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