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Dunfermline Abbey (Dunfermline)

Dunfermline Abbey is a historic ruin at Dunfermline.

The original Benedictine abbey was founded by Malcolm Canmore and his wife, the English princess St. Margaret, in the 1070s.

The foundations of St. Margaret`s chapel lie beneath the Romanesue nave of the replacement building built by their son David I in the 1150s.

This was in turn destroyed by Edward I of England, but rebuilt by Robert the Bruce, who is buried in the choir. At the top of the present tower there is a word on each side, spelling "King Robert the Bruce".

There are substantial ruins of the abbey, including the huge refectory.

Charles I was born in the adjacent palace, also now in ruins, in 1600.

Dunfermline Abbey is now in the care of Historic Scotland.

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