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Dunfermline is an ancient town in Fife, 13 miles from Edinburgh, and itself a former capital of Scotland.

The town was founded by Malcolm III (Canmore) in the 1070s. A mound in Pittencrieff Glen named Malcolm`s Tower is probably a remnant of his fort. He married St. Margaret, sister of Edgar the Atheling, here after she had been shipwrecked in 1067.

Dunfermline Abbey was founded by Malcolm`s son David I in the 1150s. This was destroyed by Edward I of England and rebuilt by Robert the Bruce, who is buried here. The present tower has a word on the top of each wall, spelling "King Robert the Bruce".

In the adjacent palace, now in ruins, Charles I was born in 1600.

Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist, was born in a weaver`s cottage in Dunfermline. The first of his famous libraries was in Dunfermlie.

The lovely Pittencrieff Glen was purchased by Carnegie in 1902 and given to the town as a public park.

The town centre is attractive, with cobbled streets. From here the Forth Bridge can be seen.

Prominent people born in Dunfermline include Alexander I of Scotland; Andrew Carnegie, philanthropist; Charles I of England and Scotland; David I of Scotland; David II of Scotland; Barbara Dickson, singer; Edgar of Scotland; James I of Scotland; Kenneth MacMillan, choreographer; and Moira Shearer, ballerina.

Places in Dunfermline

Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum, Dunfermline Abbey, Dunfermline St. Margaret Station, Dunfermline Town Station

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