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Roman Walls (Colchester)

The Roman Walls are a unique feature of the ancient town of Colchester in Essex, Britain's oldest town.

Whereas a number of towns (such as Canterbury, Chester, Chichester and York) have mediaeval walls, those at Colchester are Roman.

Colchester was the capital of civilsed Britain in pre-Roman times, and immediately after the Roman invasion in 43 AD a legionary fortress was established here.

Within a few years this had been converted into a civilian town, and given the name Colonia Claudia, although this name was almost universally ignored in favour of the Celtic name Camulodunum.

The town was one of the three destroyed by Boudicca in the course of her rebellion in 60AD. The other places to suffer in this way were London and St. Albans.

After the rebellion had been crushed, Colchester was speedily rebuilt, but this time it was enclosed by a substantial wall.

This is the wall that still stands to a large degree. In fact two thirds of it still stand, comprising the oldest town wall in Britain.

They can be seen to good effect in Castle Park, and along a strectch beside Priory Street, near St. Botolph's Priory. But the most impressive alignment is beside the wide road known as Balkerne Hill. It is this stretch that includes the famous Balkerne Gate.

The Roman Walls are nearly nine feet thick.

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