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St. Dunstans Church (Canterbury)

St. Dunstans is one of the many old churches in the ancient cathedral city of Canterbury.

It is actually outside the City Walls, in an early suburb that developed along Watling Street, the Roman road to London. This part of the street is now known as St. Dunstans Street.

St. Dunstans is mainly 13th century, but there is some Anglo-Saxon work in the building.

It was St. Dunstans that Henry II entered in 1174, to remove his normal clothes before walking barefoot to Canterbury Cathedral to do penance for his part in the murder of Thomas a Becket.

The Roper vault contains the head of the executed Sir Thomas More, which was given to his daughter Margaret Roper in 1535 after being exposed on London Bridge for fourteen days.

The Ropers house was opposite, and today is represented by a brick archway.

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