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Birmingham Cathedral (Catholic) (Birmingham)

St. Chad's Cathedral is the Catholic cathedral that serves the important Midlands city of Birmingham.

It is situated in Queensway, close to the city centre.

The architect was the great Augustus Pugin, who had financial support from Lord Shrewsbury. The opening was in 1841 and the ceremonies took five days.

Unmissable from the outside, with its twin towers culminating in tall spires, St. Chad's was designed by Pugin to look like no other Birmingham church.

The dark red brick exterior is in great contrast to the interior, which is full of light.

Pugin's monument to Bishop Walsh, in the North aisle, was shown at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851.

Relics of St. Chad, the 7th century Bishop, were translated to here from Lichfield in 1919.

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