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Arundel Castle (Arundel)

Arundel Castle is a magnificent edifice in the historic old town of Arundel in Sussex.

Its fairytale appearance is a vital component in the magical view of Arundel from the watermeadows in the valley of the River Arun.

The original castle was a motte and bailey construction built in 1067 by the powerful Roger de Montgomery.

It soon passed to the Albini family and then to the Fitzalans. Then in 1580 it came into the possession of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, and has remained in the hands of the same family, England`s leading Catholic family, ever since.

During the Civil War, the castle held out for eighteen days, but surrendered at the beginning of 1644 after the walls had been pounded by cannon strategically placd in the tower of St. Nicholas` Church.

After this it remained a ruin for a long period, but gradual restoration began in 1716 and was finished in the Gothic style by C. A. Buckler in 1903.

From the early castle, the keep, gatehouse and barbican remain, while the rest is mostly Victorian.

There is a traditional cricket match, usually involving players from the country touring England, played here in the early part of the season.

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