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St. Nicholas` Church (Arundel)

St. Nicholas` Church is the parish church of the historic town of Arundel in Sussex.

This mediaeval building is unique, as part is Church of England and part Catholic.

The chancel was separated from the rest of the church in around 1380 by an iron screen, which has never been removed. Having become ruinous, the chancel was purchased in 1544 by the Duke of Norfolk, whose family have for centuries lived at Arundel Castle.

It became the mortuary chapel of the Duke`s family, and was renamed the Fitzalan Chapel. It can be seen from the rest of the church, but can only be visited through the castle.

The Church of England part has a rare stone pulpit, a wall painting and stone seating around the walls. This practice led to the saying that "the weakest go to the wall."

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