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Zennor is a remote little village in Penwith in Cornwall, 4 miles from St. Ives (Cornwall).

It is set between the moors and the rugged cliffs of the Atlantic coast, but has sandy coves.

The parish church, partly Norman, has a portrait of a mermaid on a bench end. Local legend says that she fell in love with the squire`s son and took him to live beneath the ocean with her.

During the First World War, D. H. Lawrence and Frieda, his German wife, took a cottage at Zennor, but they were assumed to be spies and driven away.

Zennor Head has spectacular cliffs.

Zennor Quoit, on the moors, is a large table tomb of the Neolithic period, about 2000 BC.

In the village is the fascinating Zennor Wayside Museum.

Places in Zennor

St. Senara`s Church