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Waltham Cross

Waltham Cross is a town in Hertfordshire, just over the border from Waltham Abbey in Essex.

It stands on the New River, and is almost a suburb of London.

The Eleanor Cross, in the town centre, is one of the twelve erected by Edward I in 1292 in honour of his Queen Eleanor of Castile, to mark the places where her funeral cortege stopped.

Only three of these survive. The others are both in Northamptonshire, at Geddington and Hardingstone.

There is a surviving gallows sign, commemorating the former Four Swans Inn.

Theobalds Park, built in the 16th century by William Cecil, was for many years the home of Temple Bar, formerly in Fleet Street. This has now been re-erected near St. Pauls Cathedral.

Places in Waltham Cross

Waltham Cross Station