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South Queensferry

South Queensferry is a small town in Scotland, on the South shore of the Firth of Forth, and at the South end of the Forth Rail Bridge, built in 1890 and the Forth Road Bridge, built in 1964. It is 8 miles from Edinburgh.

It was originally a pilgrim ferry port, then called just Queensferry, founded by St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland, in the 11th century, to facilitate her journeys between Edinburgh and Dunfermline.

It became an important trading centre in the 16th century.

Queensferry Museum tells the story of the town.

The Hawes Inn dates from the 17th century, and features in Walter Scott`s "The Antiquary" and Robert Louis Stevenson`s "Kidnapped".

Nearby Hopetoun House was designed by William Bruce around 1700, and there were Adam additions a few years later.

Places in South Queensferry

Dalmeny House, Hopetoun House

Places in South Queensferry...