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Shanklin is an attractive seaside resort on the Isle of Wight, 2 miles from Sandown.

The town itself is separated from the promenade by a vertical cliff, 100 feet high, although access is eased by a lift. Shanklin Pier is popular.

Running down the cliffside is a wooded ravine known as Shanklin Chine, 180 feet wide and 300 feet deep, through which a stream runs. It is open to the public, and decorated with fairy lights in the Summer. Here local men defeated French raiders in 1545, and later Keats wrote part of "Endymion" here in 1819.

St. Blasius` Church dates from the 12th century.

The old village has a collection of picturesque thatched cottages, including the Crab Inn. Nearby, a fountain has verses written by Longfellow here in 1868.

The wartime PLUTO (Pipe Line Under the Ocean) had one of its English terminals at Shanklin. The other was at Dungeness.

Places in Shanklin

Shanklin Chine, Shanklin Station