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Kidderminster is a large town in Worcestershire, 16 miles to the West of Birmingham.

It is nationally famous for carpets, an industry which has been prominent locally since the 18th century.

The attractive Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal runs through Kidderminster.

Kidderminster Town Station is the terminus of the Severn Valley Railway, whose steam trains take a scenic route beside the River Severn to Bewdley and Bridgnorth. It is adjacent to the British Rail station.

The football team, for a short while in the League, have the unusual name Kidderminster Harriers.

There are some very impressive churches, outside one of which is a statue of the preacher Richard Baxter, who came from the area.

Rowland Hill, the inventor of the Penny Post, was born at Kidderminster.

Places in Kidderminster

Kidderminster Station, Kidderminster Town Station

Places in Kidderminster...