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Hull (properly Kingston-upon-Hull) is an important city and seaport in East Yorkshire. It is sited where the River Hull flows into the Humber, and is 50 miles from Leeds (Yorkshire).

The Old Town, dating back in part 800 years and founded by Edward I, is full of cobbled streets, quays and taverns. One of the most curious street names in England, Land of Green Ginger, is in the Old Town.

The more modern centre was heavily bombed during the Second World War, but has been rebuilt sensitively. Queen`s Gardens cover the site of the city`s first dock, constructed in 1778.

Holy Trinity Church, partly 13th century, is one of the largest parish churches in the country.

St. Mary`s Church has a tower with a footpath for pedestrians.

The Maritime Museum has galleries on the history of whaling, fishing and shipping.

Hands - On History is housed in the former Grammar School, rebuilt in 1583. William Wilberforce and Andrew Marvell were both educated here.

The Wilberforce House Museum is the birthplace of Wilberforce, whose statue stands in the garden. It particularly tells the story of the international slave trade.

The Streetlife Museum has a wonderful collection of vehicles used in public transport.

The Deep is a modern aquarium, specialising in deep water fish. It is known as "the world`s only submarium".

Hull, which has had its own telephone system since 1904, has white telephone boxes instead of red.

There are wonderful views of the nearby Humber Bridge, said to be the largest in Europe.

Among those born in Hull are Nick Barmby, footballer; Ian Carmichael, actor; Tom Courtenay, actor; Ronnie Hilton, singer; Amy Johnson, aviator; Maureen Lipman, actress; J. Arthur Rank, film and cinema mogul; Jean Rook, journalist; Stevie Smith, novelist; and William Wilberforce, anti-slavery campaigner.

In Daniel Defoe`s "Robinson Crusoe", the hero sails from Hull.

John Prescott, former Deputy Prime Minister, was M. P. for Hull East.

The poet Philip Larkin was a librarian at Hull for most of his adult life.

The authors of "Crap Towns", detailing the least desirable places to live in Britain, placed Hull at the top of the list.

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Hull Paragon Station, Maister House, Wilberforce House

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