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[An image showing Hockley]Hockley is a small town in South East Essex, between Rochford and Rayleigh.

The little town has expanded, from the 1960s, mostly with prosperous commuter houses along the Rayleigh road towards Bullwood.

Hockley Woods are well known locally for the lovely walks available. This, and several smaller woods nearby, is a remnant of the great Essex Forest which once covered the whole county. The largest remnant is Epping Forest.

St. Peter's Church stands a mile or so away from the present centre, where most of the habitation used to be.

In 1838 a salubrious spring was discovered. This led to the creation of Hockley Spa, with its attractive pump room, but the spa was a failure.

The suffix "ley" refers to the fact that this was one of a number of clerings in the forest.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Hockley for groups.

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Hockley Spa, Hockley Station, Public Library, St. Peters Church

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