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Helston is a town in Cornwall, 15 miles from Truro.

It was originally one of Cornwall`s stannary towns, where tin had to be brought in order to be weighed and taxed.

The town was also at one time a port, but in the 13th century a shingle bar formed across the mouth of the Cober estuary, creating Loe Pool and cutting Helston off from the sea.

There is a lovely view down the High Street, through an arch built in 1834, into the Cornish countryside.

St. Michael`s Church dates from the Georgian period.

Helston is best known for its Furry Dance, sometimes called the Floral Dance. On 8th May each year a procession of local people, led by the town band, dance in and out of houses to welcome Spring. Most people know the song "The Floral Dance", providing a hit record on more than one occasion.

Bob Fitzsimmons, until comparatively recently the only Englishman to hold the world heavyweight boxing championship, was born at Helston.

The author Charles Kingsley attended the Grammar School.

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