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Groby is a village in Leicestershire on the edge of Charnwood Forest, 5 miles from Leicester.

It is one of those places designed to trick innocent newcomers to the area, as it is pronounced "Grooby".

Groby Old Hall was the home of Sir John Grey and his wife Elizabeth Woodville, later to become Queen when she married Edward IV. Lady Jane Grey would have known the house, although she was born at the family's new home at nearby Bradgate House.

Groby Castle was built in Norman times. The motte survives on private ground beside the churchyard.

St. Philip and St. James Church, with its distinctive thin tower, was built in 1840. Previously, villagers were obliged to walk to Ratby for services.

The picturesque Groby Pool is said to be Leicestershire's largest natural lake, but was almost certainly created by monks.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Groby for groups.

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Groby Old Hall, Public Library, St. Philip and St. James Church

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